Wednesday, November 19

Road Runner at Heart

Have I mentioned how much I hate the time change and its always dark...which means no more running outside. I don't mind the cold, it's the dark that is keeping me away. So tonight I tried a new gym, which was very nice and literally on my way home from work. I packed my gym bag this morning and stopped in on my way home to pick up my one week pass and get in a workout.

More than likely I'll join, although I don't really want to. I always feel like gyms are ripping me off, except for Planet Fitness where we were members before we moved. But...I figure if I'm really doing the MB Half Marathon in Feb. I must get in some training on the treadmill and a little cross training and weight training wouldn't hurt either.

Tonight for the first time in over 6 months, I stepped foot onto the treadmill...I loathe them! I never thought I'd ever think running outside would be easier. I was super bored, I felt like I was running way too fast over my normal pace, my shins were killing me and I was getting overheated. I guess it'll be ok for short midweek runs, but I know by the weekends I'll be looking forward to my long runs outside!

Today I'm grateful for:

~Running outside: I can't wait for my 6 mile run this Sat. in the fresh air!

~Quiet Days at work

~Scarfs: Sometimes I wear them all day long and it's just enough to keep me warm all day and stylish too!

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