Friday, November 28

Hello From Asheville...

It's been a long, but fun day...Ben got home from work at 1230am and we both tossed and turned until 430am. Sara and I woke up and were in Kohl's at 5:05am! We got some great deals and I did finish buying for a few people on my list. We made it to Kohl's, Circuit City, Old Navy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Target, Ulta, Linen's & Things, Panera for breakfast #2 and Walgreen's all before 8am! We were girl's on a mission.

Once home I woke we all showered, my parents picked Sara up for the ECU football game and we loaded the car. Between us, food and the dog's you'd think we were staying here for a week. The drive was great and we made good time. We stopped at Asheville Pizza Company for their pizza buffett and a beer on the way to the cabin.

The pups snuggling on the ride to Asheville.

I'm so glad we driving in the light. Google maps was wrong...a road listed on our directions was called something slightly different...we ended up on a long and windy road with steep cliffs heading towards the Blue Ridge Parkways, but we made it!

Our cabin is's very secluded with a huge wrap around porch, hot tub, flat screen tv which we've been watching movies on HBO all afternoon and gas logs. After a quick powernap and a dip in the hot tub with a glass of wine, we're making appetizers for dinner, enjoying a beer and blogging live from Asheville. I'd recommend the Cabins of Asheville to anyone!!

Living room and kitchen

Cozy Bedroom

Hot Tub and Porch

Our view!

Pepsi in a Mason Jar!

Tomorrow's plan is to sleep in, enjoy coffee on the porch wrapped in a blanket overlooking Pisgah National Forest and make Eggnog French Toast before heading to downtown Asheville.

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