Tuesday, November 18

Brrring Day

Not only was today cold, but boring! After work I wanted nothing more to come home and jump in my pj's. My mom's pup, Molly, is staying with us while my parents are in Charleston and the beach until Sunday. Having Molly around to play with make Freddie so happy, although I'm sure Molly is annoyed a lot by him.

I'm off to enjoy a cup of tea and then bed...night!

Today I'm grateful for:

~Heat: Laying in bed this morning right after the alarm clock went off I dreaded getting out of the warm bed...hearing the heat come home was the greatest sound!

~Snow: Even if they were just snow flurries, it was fun to see them today and be reminded of the fun upcoming holidays.

~The puppies: They're so cute and love being with each other so much...I love watching the sleep on their beds so close together.

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