Monday, November 17

Black Friday on a Blah Monday

Today I started thinking about Black Friday and start combing through the many ads that are already listed. Since I'm slightly ahead on gift buying this year, I won't need many things, but I do love the thrill of getting up early and shopping before breakfast is ready.

Last year my sister Sara spent Thanksgiving night with me since Ben was working. We had so much fun watching Hairspary in our pj's and browsing the official Black Friday ads from the paper. We made our plan and were up at 4am ready to go slightly tired, but quickly got some energy from Starbucks after they opened.

Now that we live in Apex, we'll probably hit up the Beaver Creek center with Kohl's, Target, Circuit City (if we're brave), Old Navy, Bath and Body Works and Linen's & Things...and the best part is we're only 5 minutes away!

Only 11 more days until the madness starts.

Today I'm grateful for:

~Naps: I had one yesterday and it was soooo good, I just wish I could take one everyday. But I guess they wouldn't be so special and fun then.

~Lists: I started making a packing list for Asheville, my Christmas list to give out, my Christmas list to buy, my Black Friday shopping list and my general to-do/menu list for the week. What would I do without lists!

~Eye drops: I've been having a little trouble with my eyes being dry and red...they make them feel so good.

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