Thursday, November 13

Hard economic times...

Today I safely survived the 3rd round of layoffs in the past 7 months at my company! I feel incredibly lucky to still have my job, but still a little unnerved that my time may be coming. If the market does not turn around there will be more...the financial services industry is suffering big time! And they way things are looking, this is just the beginning of the recession.

By 9am this morning, I lost 2 friends at work to the "workforce reduction." It's pretty sad to say, that at 27 years old, I've been there. I was laid off in May 2007, and while it was for the best, it still hurts. All the unknowns are the worst and I really things turn around for my friends, especially right before the holiday season.

Needless to say today has been tense. Tonight I'm being productive in preperation for our busy weekend. My to-do list tonight:

~Unload the dishwasher
~Clean the kitchen and dirty dishes
~Fold the last load and laundry
~Put way all of our clothes
~Set up online bill payments
~Finalize the menu for the dinner party Sat.
~Give Freddie a bath (IF I have time)

So I better get moving....

Today I'm VERY grateful for:

~My job: Sometimes, like last week, my job is stressful and boring, but that fact I still have it today gives me a little bit of security.

~My managers: That they see my talent and intelligence and recognize my hardworking values. This is my go-to site for any recipe for any occassion, mostly because it houses all of the Cooking Light recipes which I love.

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Suz said...

I'm sorry about your work friends, but glad things went well for you today.