Monday, November 10

Just Another Manic Monday...

It wasn't too manic was good. It's a pretty relaxed week, considering everything that happened last week and tomorrow is Veteran's Day, which is a partial-staff day. I plan on working most of the day in my jeans and I'll get an extra vacation day for later!

Tonight for dinner we enjoyed Beef Stroganoff with sauteed peppers and salads. The Beef Stroganoff recipe came from the latest Cooking Light, however I could have sworn I've made this before and felt the same way about the recipe. It was missing something...kind of bland. Next time, I'll add a can of cream of mushroom soup to everything and make it more creamy.

After dinner, I was craving something sweet and found some peanut butter cookie mix in our pantry, but I really wanted chocolate with them. I mixed in M&M's, the tiniest amount of chocolate chips and some marshmallows (those were Ben's addition). Wow...peanut-buttery, chocolately, gooey-ness!

Today I'm grateful for:

~Funny license plates: This morning going to work I saw 2 license plates that got my attention. "STFU&DRV" was on an SUV and there was a Charger weaving in and out of traffic...who is in THAT much of a hurry to get to work. His plate said "YEAH, HEMI" So funny he thought he was so cool! It started my Monday off pretty good.

~Clean clothes: I did 5 loads of laundry yesterday. I love nothing more than having all of our clothes clean and smelling so fresh.

~Sweaters: It was freezing this morning when I left for work and I loved being cozied up in one of my newest sweaters from Banana.

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