Sunday, November 23

Nonstop Weekend...

It's been a Marathon weekend in the Stafford house the past few days. After one of the longest weeks in a while, we've been looking forward to the weekend since probably last Sunday evening. We kicked Friday night off with our usual pizza, but made an extra one and had Chris and Sam over. Of course beer was invloved, tasting a few homebrews and other new microbrews we haven't had yet.

Saturday was really the marathon day. I woke up and ran 6.3 miles in the freezing 23 degree weather. I actually got hot at one point, but the wind kicked back up and I was cold again by the time I finished. It ended up being a great run and I was pretty pleased my Nike + seems to be working again and accurately stating my mileage.

Once home, we started painting the kitchen. It was hardwork and took a few hours longer than we anticipated, but it's done. One more project we can check off the big to-do list. And yes...I have a hand written "House Projects" to-do list.

We had made plans with Tara and Rick to go to the Flying Saucer for dinner and we were literally putting everything back in it's place in the kitchen when they arrived to pick us up. We had so much fun with them and Mike, who also came. Too many funny pictures were taken and several little inside jokes we're started!

Sunday morning we were afford a few hours of laziness before I started cooking sides to take the Stafford's Thanksgiving. We brought Macaroni & Cheese, Pineapple Casserole, Homemade Cranberry Sauce and Mini Pumpkin Cheesecake Tarts. There was entirely way too much food and I'm uncomfortably stuffed right now. We even took to-go plates for dessert, which will have to wait for tomorrow. I've also scraped my dinner I had planned for tomorrow since we brought home leftovers. It's always a fun time seeing everyone at once, but it can be a little over stimulating with 25 people...I'm quite enjoying the peace and quiet while I write this!

My catch up grateful list for Friday, Saturday and today:

~Walmart: I've never been a huge fan of Walmart, but lately we've been shopping at the Holly Spring location, which is really nice. I'm always surprised at the total and it's saved us a lot...just in time for Christmas.
~Thankgiving meal: I love turkey, but the sides are the best part...and dessert of course! I'm also lucky that I get 3 seperate Thanksgiving dinners!

~Gas logs on a cold night: They kept me so toasty on Friday night and the ambience of a fire is so nice. Another one of my go-to sites for recipes. I never make anything less than 4 stars and that doesn't have a fair amount of reviews.

~Freddie & Molly: They are so fun together and act like little children

~Yogurt and granola: I'm obsessed with this for breakfast!

~Handbags: Another mild obession!

~Funny pictures with funny new friends

~Friday lunches out: I've always been disciplined in bringing my lunch to work every day, but every now and then I treat myself to lunch out on fun!

~Rechargable Batteries: My digital camera eats AA batteries like candy and these always come in handy...only when I remember to charge them.

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