Thursday, November 6

It's Almost Friday...

Finally this crazy week is almost over. I can not wait for tomorrow evening...a relaxing night at home, making homemade pizza and enjoying some new beers. Our little tradition.

Today was a crazy crazy wacky day at work. The next few weeks should be pretty interesting. But, on a good note...Ben finally got some new anitbiotics that will hopefully clear out his sinus infection. He had a little reaction to the first round. I'm ready to work on the house this weekend and need him to be well and motivated.

And yes...for the 4th night in a row I cam home for a glass of wine and sleep!

Today I'm grateful for:

~Hoodies: These are so comfy and the perfect ending to a long day after work for lounging around.

~Dropping Gas Prices: The one good thing about the economy in the Ben and I have switched cars, which is saving us so much money.

~Sense of Humor: Some days, a sense of humor gets you through the day!

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