Tuesday, November 4

I Spoke Too Soon!

As many of you know my job revolves around a monthly schedule...they come and go and next thing I know it's the next month. Quarter end closes are the worst and now that the "worst" is over from last month, I thought this month end would be lighter volume, less breaks, and mainly everything would work. I guess I spoke to soon....Murphy's Law!

Nothing seemed to work today...if it wasn't one thing, it was another...slow systems, unexplained breaks, system feed issues...you name it happened. After another 11 hour day and working through lunch I drove home in the dark (again) and wet roads. Nevermind I have an eye infection and my vision is so bad my glasses need updating...AGAIN!

But once home, I enjoyed a big bowl of White Bean Chicken Chili from the crockpot, a corn muffin that Ben made before he left for work, and a big glass of Sauvigon Blanc! I see a trend here...work, food, wine, sleep!

Today I'm grateful for:

~Crockpots: It's an amazing feeling to walk in the door after an 11 hour work day to house filled with good smells and dinner basically on the table! Good thing I got my act together with our meal planning this week.

~Contacts: Without them I don't know how I'd be able to see clearly...just waiting on my eyes to stabilize so I can get LASIK.

~Rain: While I hate it while walking to the car, driving home in it...it's done wonders for our new little grass seedlings. And it saves Ben 30 minutes from watering it every day!

Now, I'm heading towards the couch to finish my glass of wine and watch the Election coverage, although I'm sure it'll be a disappointment. Happy Election Night!

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Meredith said...

Do you have the recipe to share for the Chicken Chili?? Sounds delish!!!