Sunday, June 29

Welcome to Small Town Charm

As this being one of the first weekends we've gotten settled enough to take a break from the unpacking and enjoy Apex, we decided to venture the short distance of 2 miles to downtown Apex for ice cream. I had heard about the fabulous ice cream shop downtown. After parking, we discovered a concert at The Depot. We strolled along pass Peak City Grill, which we can't wait to try, and then a few stores down to the ice cream shop.

I ordered a scoop in a sugar cone of Raspberry Rocky Road and immediately start devouring it. Ben got Banana Pudding and went to pay. Turns out they only take cash or check...we never have either with us. So, we panic and the teenage girls tell us there is a Suntrust a block away or we can come back another day and pay. In Raleigh, that would never happen! Of course, Ben just walked down and got cash...I didn't want having to go back and pay $4 for our ice cream looming over me.

It was a perfect end to our Sat. night, walking through downtown Apex and stopping in all the store windows and then driving 5 minutes back home! Apex is living up to it's slogan..."The Peak of Good Living."

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