Friday, June 20

So Long City Life...Hello Suburbia!

I'm about to head out to the airport in less than an hour and couldn't be more excited to leave the big city. At first working in NYC was exciting. I've now had my fill. I'm ready to get back to the south, where life is slower and people are nicer in general.

In the last two days, I conquered my fear and went to Times Square alone and saw a show. At the last minute I decided to go dispite the rain. Bought a ticket to see A Chorus Line (with Mario Lopez) at the TKTS counter. The show was wonderful and I'm so glad I went. Especially since it's closing on Broadway in Aug. I enjoyed a wonderful Italian restaurant, tasted real NY cheesecake, did some shoppping and had the best filet mignon at Frankie and Johnnie's steak house.
The trip was a blast...a great experience nonetheless. I'm nervous to come back home to do the work part of it. It was great being at the office to ask questions and now I'm totally on my own. But, I'm more than happy to enjoy my house and relax this weekend...a first since we bought it!

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Marianne said...

I am glad you are home, safe and sound!