Monday, June 16

Happy Monday from NYC!

I'm working from the NYC office this week...It's so strange to be in such a touristy city that I've only visited for pleasure and be working! But, I'm using my bosses office since he's on vacation and I have a perfect view of the Empire State building. I can almost make out the people on the top and occassionally see a few flashes from the camera!

Getting to the office this morning was a little nerve-racking...I guess intimidating is a better word. All I knew was our building is located on Madison and 24th and my group is on the 11th floor. So when I asked the front desk, they sent me on a man hunt to Access Control to get my ID updated with access to the building. Then, there are 2 building and several other elevators that go to different floors. Once I finally found the 11th floor, I wandered around the maze of hundreds and hundreds of cubes to find my group.

Hopefully, that I've found my route tomorrow morning will go much smoother and I won't be a nervous nelly commuter.

Our trip so far: We flew in yesterday morning were in the city and our hotel by 11am. We decided to brave Times Square and hit up John's Pizzeria. This pizza place has been featured on the Food Network and is located in a renovated church. After that we went to Serendipity and had a Frozzzen Hot Chocolate. We each had our own, then purchased some mix to bring home.

We hit up H&M for some shopping and took a stroll through Tiffany's and the rest of 5th Ave. Then went up in the Rockafeller Building which had a wonderful full of the city from every direction and headed down the street to watch the Red Carpet for the Tony Awards. We were just on the other side of the street where the Red Carpet was and we saw Harry Connick, Jr., Alex Bladwin and Liza Minelli.

It was pretty much an exhausting day and we mustered up some energy for a late dinner at a French restuarant, Artisanal. According to my Zagat, it's the 25th most popular restaurant in NYC. We ordered the Artisanal blend fondue with bread and kielbasa. Ben ordered a fish soup and I had a delicious beet and goat cheese salad. We were too stuffed from dinner to order dessert. By the the time we got back to our hotel, which is georgous by the way and offers a stunning view of the Crysler building from the 23rd floor, it was 10 and I fell into bed.

Ben went to the Statute of Liberty, Ellis Island and Ground Zero today. And finished with a beer at a local brewery/restaurant, Heartland. He's currently on his way to meet me at the office. We have dinner reservations at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill. After dinner we plan to stop by Max Brenner's Chocolate by the Bald Man for chocolate dessert.

When we get back I'll update our posts with pictures, but for now that gives you an update on our trip so far.

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