Monday, June 9

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

What a great day! Just when I thought this was another birthday and a regular ol' Monday. Ben greeted me early this morning with an awesome birthday gift. The new Nike+Sportsband. I have a brand new classic Ipod and the Ipod version on Nike+ doesn't work with it. I'm so excited for new running shoes and the Nike+ to keep track of my runs. Perfect for the half marathon training.

Work was a busy day, but not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. The next few weeks will be very busy as I leave for New York City on Sunday for a week of training. One our co-workers in NY resigned today and they selected me to go up ASAP and train with her. We're now scrambling to find Ben a flight to join me for most of the week. I can't wait to get back to the Big Apple...I've been so jealous of all of my cowokers traveling to NY and now it's finally my turn. I know I'll be working everyday, but hopefully I can catch at least one show, a few good dinners and some light shopping.

After work, my dad, step-mom and sisters joined us for dinner at Lucky 32. Ben and I both enjoyed the shrimp and grits. I got so many wonderful gifts from everyone. My sister, Sara, who just returned from a week in Spain, gave me a few pieces of cool handmade jewelry, new sandals and beautiful pashmina. The little girls potted some flowers that are beautiful for the patio. And my parents gave me new Jack Rogers sandals, an espresso maker, and few other small gifts for the house. After dinner we had Ben's cake he made for me.

Also, our new TV was delivered today. It's huge! I've never looked at a TV this size. Now if TWC will change our cable box to the HDTV we can see how this bad boy really looks.

Thanks again for the all birthday wishes. It's been a fantastic day!

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