Wednesday, June 18

Alone in A City of Millions

I'm offically on my own now. Ben left the city today for home and made it safely. I sure hope he was able to get a quick nap in this afternoon before working 12 hours tonight. I've traveled by myself many times, but realized this is the first time ever I've stayed by myself. It's quite weird. The thought of going back to the hotel alone isn't really appealing. I'm thinking about going back to Times Square and seeing a show by myself tonight. Maybe A Chorus Line, which is definitely something Ben would never want to see. But, then again, we've been so busy in the evenings, a nice evening with take out (Italian or Chinese) and watching TV and the NYC skyline from my king sized bed also sounds quite nice. Considering it's a little chilly here and raining...ugh. Lovely, I forgot the umbrella and I've got a 14 block walk. Now, I'm thinking anything that is delivery sounds great! Maybe I'll wait on the show and see it tomorrow night.

It seems like I've been in New York for a month. At first it was fun doing touristy stuff, then intimidating and depressing to have to go to work, then I thought I might be able to get used to the city life, now I just miss suburbia. Everyone is always in a rush. I can go get lunch and no one will be in line and they rush me to order.

Nevertheless, we've had an awesome impromtu vacation. Ben saw more of the city than he ever thought. Monday, he spent the day in lower Manhattan. He went to Battery Park, took a ferry to Ellis Island and then the Statue of Liberty and walked through the financial district.

He picked me up at work and went to the Whole Foods in Union Square and bought several beers NC is not allowed to sell. We then headed to Mesa Grill, Bobby Flay's restaurant. It was a little pricey, but worth every penny. I had, by far, the best peice of salmon ever and mashed potatoes with cilantro puree. Dinner would only have been better if Bobby Flay himself brought me my dinner.

We ended the night at Max Brenner's Chocolate by the Bald Man. Wow...a true Chocolate Factory. We had a dessert sampler of Fondue, Smore's, Banana Waffles, ice cream, Chocolate poprocks...everything of course drenched in chocolate. It was really almost too much.

Tuesday I went to work and Ben stuck close by. He picked up cupcakes for us at Crumbs, met me for lunch and purchased tickets for Aveneue Q. After work, we got all dolled up and went up to Times Square. The show was great...a perfect fit for both of us. It's a parody on Seasame Street and comedy musical all in one. Since we ate a late lunch, we decided to get dinner after the show. Ben found an awesome local brewery in the Empire State Building and we had a late night dinner there...complete with a few local brews.

So just two nights the big city. I must say I'll be ready to get back home. I'm looking forward to vegging out in the new house this weekend, which I haven't been able to do since we moved in.

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