Saturday, June 28

Breakfast in a Bag

Yesterday I discovered google reader and a few blogs were suggested to me. While reading them, I found a post about making omlettes in a ziploc bag. Not that I mind cleaning up a pan for just two omlettes, but once I told Ben about this, we had to try it out.

You crack two eggs into a Ziploc bag (freezer kind preferrably). Add a little milk and any ingredients you like. We added ham, onions, banana peppers, cheese and a little ground pepper. Close the bag and get as much air out as you can. Shake to mix everything up. Put in a large pot of boiling water for exactly 13 minutes. Remove: cut open the bag and let your perfectly cooked omlette slide out.
I actually saw Paula Deen make these on her show once and thought it was odd, but it's an easy way to make many different omlette's if you have a crowd. Everyone can get their own made to order breakfast. You can put up to 8 bags of omelettes in one pot; therefore no one has to wait too long. It also seems like a perfect breakfast for camping. No mess to clean up.

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