Sunday, June 29

The Family Do List

We had such a productive weekend with the house projects. We used some housewarming and birthday gift cards to purchase the Larson storm door we've been eyeing ever since we made an offer on our house. It has etching that matches our windows perfectly. We also purchase new bath hardware for our bathroom.

Sunday, my mom and Jim came out to help us put up the door. While Ben and Jim were installing the door, my mom and I put up all the bath hardware. Our bathroom is complete now! We now have seperate towel bars and our each handtowel ring. Putting up the door took most of the day, so the girls were able to tackle a few other things on the to-do list like hanging pictures and putting away things in the attic. Finally the door was done and we love it. Our house already brings in so much light and with the storm door we have even more. It reall opens up the front of the house.

Thanks to my mom and Jim, we were able to get a few things marked off Ben's Honey Do list!


Anonymous said...

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berto xxx

Marianne said...

who is berto xxx?