Sunday, August 24

Please Stop the Music!

I never thought I'd be one to run without music. Lately I've been having several bad runs which I've been blaming on the high temps, getting overheated and being dehydrated. Even Saturday mornings run when the temperature was in the low 70's I had my most horrible run. I had to take a break after the first mile and only completed 2 miles total.

So this morning, I was determined to try it again. Less than 1 mile into my run I started getting annoyed with my music and just turned off my Ipod. I thought I'd get bored, but once I could finally hear my breathing and concentrate it made a world of difference in my endurance. Maybe it was a fluke and it was just a good day, but I did my best 5k in several months!

I'm trying to find a decent race in mid Sept. to run. I only have one weekend this month, so it'll be a tight squeeze to find a race. I just need something to keep me on track until training for the half marathon starts.

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