Tuesday, August 26

I Finally Feel Like A Runner...

After weeks and weeks of making all kinds of excuses for my bad runs I finally came to terms that it's probably due to inconsistentcy. I never seem to have the week nights free to run and running is the first thing to get put on the backbunner. And besides if I want to really train for the half marathon in Myrtle Beach, I need to find time to run.

With daylight savings time coming to an end in a little over a month, I decided I should start doing my runs in the morning before work. Luckily, I don't have to be at work super early. So last night I made up my mind I'd run this morning. Before I went to bed I laid out my running clothes and shoes, put a glass of water and some Cliff Blocks on the nightstand and set my alarm for 6:09AM. It was still a little dark, but I got up anyways and by 6:25 I was heading out the door. Of course it was raining then, which I didn't notice when I got up...good thing I didn't or I definitely would have gone back to bed for another hour of sleep. At this point I was already up and dressed and told myself to just run.

This morning's run is interesting compared to my other runs when I've been up for at least an hour before starting. Normally I start off at a faster pace, then taper off to my normal pace. Today I started off sluggish and then I got up to my regular pace. It wasn't that bad and hopefully I can keep up the morning runs. It's nice to know I had run 3 miles before 7am and I was done with today's work out.

As I was looking for tips on running in the morning, I found an interesting article about running and circaidan ryhthms. It's quite interesting how different times of the day are different for everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Jeni running early really sets the pace for the rest of the day.after a run your heart is pounding,the blood is flowing your lungs are operating at capacity. soonas you recover you are at your best and ready to face the day --Freeway-