Sunday, August 3

The Master Bedroom

While almost all of our boxes are unpacked (over 2 months later), we've slowing been completing decorating. Getting rid of the college look, we've finally almost finished our master bedroom. Two of the last items on our list to purchase were pictures for over the bed and something for the corner near the dresser and nightstand. After months of hunting we finally found the pictures. I never knew shopping for pictures would be so difficult, but finding the right color, frame, size and overall look was pretty challenging.

At first we thought we were going for a beach/seashell theme. After buying to pictures today it seems to more nature with shells, trees, flowers, etc. We've yet to find something for the corner, but have finally narrowed our search to a vase with some woodsy branches for height. Either way we enjoy it and it's by far our best decorated room.

We put our pictures on Rate My Space, so we'll see how well we fair with the critics over there. I guess all that matters is we enjoy our bedroom and are proud of it.

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