Monday, August 25

Peak City Grill

Saturday my parents came over to our house and had appetizers and champagne and then took us out to dinner at Peak City Grill. I have been dying to try this restaurant since so many people have given it great reviews. Plus I'm in love with downtown Apex and how convenient it is to us...less than 2 miles from our house!

We enjoyed raw oysters with cocktail sauce, cream cheese with pepper jelly on crackers and champagne. I was excited to use the serving plate, dip bowl and spreader that Jessica gave me for my birthday. She knows me well and my love for unique serving peices for entertaining.

It was so nice to ride the quick 5 minutes downtown. Peak City Grill is located in the old historic section of Apex. The interior has the high ceilings, exposed brick and wood bar area. I don't think I'll ever get tired of eating here as the menu changes monthly. They have different specials daily as well as monthly events like a couples dinner, dinner with wine pairings, live music and Sunday brunch.

I can only review one appetizer and one main dish, since that's what we all ordered. Dispite the appetizers we had just finished we couldn't reist an order of Firecracker Shrimp Hush Puppies. The special of diver scallops, burgandy wine risotto and spinach and roasted tomatoes sounded amazing, which we all ordered. The scallops were huge and very rich and buttery. My only complaint was I didn't get any greens. Ben shared and they were very fresh and delicious. We skipped dessert, but next time I think I'll order it. The Orange Creamsicle Creme Brulee was very tempting.

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