Thursday, August 7

Our Fall Vacation...

It isn't much, but just a perfect little weekend getaway to Asheville. Ben just booked us a weekend in the Pisgah Paws at the Cabins of Asheville in Candler, which is about 20 miles west of Asheville and looks over the Pisgah Mountains. After our recent vacation we enjoyed doing nothing but relaxing and that's exactly how we intend to spend most of our long weekend in the mountains.

Technically this is our anniversary trip, but we aren't going until the end of November. For 2 years we've wanted to take a trip to the mountains and find the perfect Christmas tree. This year we're doing just that! And even better, Freddie will be joining us! He'll definitely need his winter vest for this trip. We also plan to do a little beer shopping at Bruisin' Ales, take several brewery tours possibly through the Brews Cruise, and have lunch in downtown Asheville. But mostly relaxing in the hot tub, cooking dinner and reading by the fire is on our must do list.

For anyone looking to get their choose and cut Christmas tree, I recommend the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association to find a farm. We're hoping to make this a tradition!

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Em said...

this is what we ar eplanning too! Our anny is in October but I think we are going to go in late Nov/very early Dec and we are looking at the options for getting a tree too - I found a cute place through a co-worker called Linville Falls Lodge or something like that...but I like the idea of having a hot tub - the place we are looking at doesnt....hmmm....

Hope all is well =)