Sunday, August 3

Heavy Seas Peg Leg Imperial Stout

For being an imperial stout, it is very light and sweet. Normally, I would say this would be a negative, but some how they pull it off. It looks dark as night and thick with a good head on it, that pores a light brown. This beer in itself is great, but as an imperial stout, it lacks the thick malty taste, you normally get with an imperial stout. Two things come to mind when I drink this beer: one smokiness and two brown sugar. Both I love, and both I have tried in some of my home brews, but Clipper City Brewering Company balanced these two flavors very well. After drinking one, you might be inclined to drink the whole six pack but watchout, this big boy has 8% alcohol. It might taste light and sweet but it will get you messed up if you dare.

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