Friday, July 31

Our 4th of July Celebration…

As long as I have no attended Camp Seafarer for the summer, I have celebrated The 4th of July at the beach.  This year was no different – me, Ben and Freddie got loaded up (after I worked most of the day) and made our way down for a sunny, fun-filled weekend.  In 2004, my parents bought a new beach house and for the first few years the entire community has had an organized potluck by the pool as well as parade of golf carts.  The past couple of years the tradition has fizzled out and we started a new tradition of our own and we enjoy a huge potluck dinner with our immediate neighbors.  June-July 09 030 June-July 09 046 Every year we add a few more families and we run out of room for the dishes.  I think this year I counted 35 people including us, my mom and stepdad, brother, Uncle Robbie & Aunt Linda, cousins, grandparents, and family friends!  There is everything you could possibly think of – shrimp, pork lion, steak, grilled chicken, BBQ, salads, baked beans, mac and cheese, and many desserts.  We all sit out side on our patios mingling and catching up with everyone while the kids run around and enjoy a few mixed drinks.  This year our neighbors directly across from us, Julie and Ricardo, treated us to authentic Pina Coladas.  Ricardo is Puerto Rican and says the trick to the best Pina Coladas is sweetened condensed milk…I don’t think I want to know how many calories is one of these.    June-July 09 032 June-July 09 049 June-July 09 051 June-July 09 052After we fully stuffed and nicely relaxed, we line up our chairs on the front that faces the Cherry Grove Pier to watch the fireworks (at a safe distance!)  It really is the epitome of summer!!

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Kelly Muys Wood said...

your french bulldog is ADORABLE! we have an english one, and i've always wanted to get him one of these little buddies.