Sunday, August 2

All Fun and Lots of Play

While I mostly enjoy sitting on the beach reading a book with my toes in the sand, Ben and my sister’s boyfriend, Adam, along with Laura and Lillie enjoyed playing and occasionally convinced me and Sara to join in the fun.  Topsail Island 2009 127Topsail Island 2009 111Topsail Island 2009 276Topsail Island 2009 283The girl’s loved having the boy’s around to take them far out in the ocean past the sandbar.  After the first trip we can keep a close eye on them as they got a little too confident with themselves and were definitely not scared of being too far out in the ocean alone.  Us girl’s did a make few trips to the ocean when were dying in the heat of the sun.  Now that we’re older and wiser, we are pretty skeptical of the ocean floor and not being able to see the bottom, although the water was clear on calm days.Topsail Island 2009 554 Topsail Island 2009 149 Ben was such a good sport and let us bury him in the sand.  Laura and Lillie had such a fun time shoveling sand onto him until he was completely covered.  I think they were smart enough to know he would eventually have to go in water to get all the sand off!Topsail Island 2009 524Topsail Island 2009 539Topsail Island 2009 546  Daily, we also played horseshoes, Frisbee, and football.  Adam and Sara taught Lillie how to hike the ball and she played Quarterback. Topsail Island 2009 234Topsail Island 2009 246Topsail Island 2009 292Topsail Island 2009 291Topsail Island 2009 302But not all games were played outside.  Sara, Adam, Ben and I had a little friendly round of family beer pong.  It has been years since I played this and after losing 2 rounds in a row, I called it quits!  Topsail Island 2009 574Topsail Island 2009 576Topsail Island 2009 587 Also one night we played Sequence and  the little girl’s were quick to learn the game too.     Topsail Island 2009 460

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