Tuesday, August 4

2009 Vacation #1: Topsail Island

Just last weekend we got back from our first official vacation of 2009 in Topsail Island with my dad, stepmom and sisters.  I have not been to Topsail Island since I was a toddler and do not remember anything about that trip.  Apparently we survived a hurricane where the winds were so strong it would have blown me and my then 1 year old brother, Zack, off the deck. 

On our first day we met up with everyone at the Crab Pot in Surf City.  It’s a hole in the wall place with no air conditioning and you order at the bar, but the food is delish.  The oyster burgers and crab cake sandwiches were a great way to start off the beach week.Topsail Island 2009 031 Topsail Island 2009 033While there is not hardly anything to do on the island besides a handful of restaurants, that was fine by us.  The week was quite enjoyable,  full of beautiful weather and lots of relaxation! So relaxing in fact, I took my laptop, found the WiFi and decided to shut off the computer for most of the week and read a few books.Topsail Island 2009 121 Topsail Island 2009 532Topsail Island 2009 215  Like all of our beach vacations, we each draw for a day that we are in charge of making breakfast, a drink of the day, dinner and dessert.  We are a family that loves to cook and entertain, so for us to finally have the time to try out new recipes and whip up some old favorites, we had lots of fun.  Topsail Island 2009 036

We also brought our camera and extra lenses.  We were so lucky to have perfect sunsets every night off the marsh behind the house and beautiful days on the beach, we ended up taking 600 pictures!!  Topsail Island 2009 181

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