Tuesday, September 28

Tipp’s Baptism

image Tipp was baptized on Sunday, September 19 and this was an extra special occasion.  Our new pastor, Dr. Carl Frazier was appointed to our church in June.  Coincidentally he was my previous pastor at my parents church in Sanford and married Ben and I at Duke Chapel.  imageThe service was wonderful with all of our families in attendance.  Tipp was so peaceful during the ceremony and woke up just in time to be baptized.  He was very alert while Carl walked him through congregation while everyone sang “Jesus Loves You” to him; and I was filled with such emotion knowing not only the commitment we made to raise our child with Christian principles, but also the commitment our entire church family had made as well.image After the service we enjoyed a fantastic lunch at Lucky 32 with everyone.  The icing on the cake (or cupcake) was chocolate Cafe Carolina Cupcakes for dessert.  Tipp received many wonderful gifts including photo frames to document the day, a book of Bible stories for children, many cute clothes for the winter season, and money for his 529 plan.  IMG_6108IMG_6103IMG_6105Ben and I feel incredibly blessed that we have such a wonderful family that loves Tipp so much!!  It was truly a special day that we will never forget.image

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