Tuesday, September 28

Happy 3 Months Tipp!!

It is already fall and Tipp has turned 3 months!  Where has the summer gone?  He no longer reminds me of a newborn even though he is still on the small side (11 lbs, 2 oz).  He is nursing like a champ now and meeting all of his milestones so his doctor is not worried.  IMG_6081Tipp is incredibly strong and can hold his head up really well now.  He tolerates tummy time a little better, but would much prefer to lay on his back under his play gym.  He loves to bat at the toys and kick which restarts the music and lights.  He is also trying very very hard to roll over.  He rocks from side to side, but favors his left, to rotate himself around the play mat.  

He has become much more social and his entire face lights up when he smiles…we will do anything for a smile and a coo!  Generally he has become a happy baby!  Tipp is also becoming more aware of toys, so much so, I went out and bought him new one.  He has also discovered his feet and hands.IMG_6088We have been so blessed to have such an awesome sleeper!  Tipp’s bedtime routine is being established with a bath, book, and nursing around 830-9pm every night.  He usually sleeps until 6am hardly waking any during the night.  I think Ben and I will need the sleep training to let him be sometimes and not get up to pop the paci back in!!  Lately we have been enjoying his morning nursing session in bed and Tipp usually falls back asleep.  I come downstairs for coffee and a little “me” time while Ben dozes off beside Tipp.  It’s the sweetest thing to go check on them and see my boys snoozing away!

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