Wednesday, September 8

Ready to Run…

I must be crazy, but I’m training for the OBX Half Marathon!  I actually registered back in April while I was pregnant knowing it would be great motivation to get back out on the road running again.  I got the go-ahead at my 6 week post delivery check up and have started a 16 week training program.  imageNot having run a single time since last October, starting back was actually much easier than I thought!  I started slow with just running/walking 2 miles and focusing on covering the distance.  Slowly my pace has gotten faster, my endurance better and my distances longer.  This past week at the beach I did a ton of running and it felt great!  Saturday I ran 6 miles with my mom at a 11:30 pace.

13.1 miles seems pretty daunting and I have moments where I ask myself why I thought it would be a good idea, but overall I feel good setting a goal for myself.  2010 will be an awesome year with the birth of Tipp and me finishing my first Half!

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