Sunday, April 19

Inaugural Beer Tasting

Our friends, Tara & Rick, just bought their first house and moved in the past weekend and none of us could pass up the opportunity for the first weekend to have a beer tasting at their new house!  I knew I could not show up empty handed, but for weeks I was stumped at what to get such great friends for a housewarming gift.  Plants and wine would not do…but beer…YES!  I found this tasting set by Mikasa and ordered it, plus a set for us.  (We wouldn’t want Tara and Rick to have to bring their tasting set over to our house for beer tastings when we host!)  Ben went to Sam’s Blue Light and picked up a nice selection of beer and I also found a great book on the different types of beer with food pairings.  It made quite a nice basket, which I was quite happy to give to the happy new homeowners!April 2009 028So after an almost free dinner at Chili’s, which was the real reason we out that night, we headed over the Kups’ new diggs.  Boy have they been busy in the past 7 days…  After a quick tour of the house, we got down to business…tasting!

The beer flight set was a big hit.  Sometimes we feel like we rate beers higher than others based on their reputation and rareness.  We have discussed having blind tastings in the past, so everyone took turns taking the flight set, picking a beer and serving.  Then, we all chatted about the beer and guessed which one it was from the collection we put together. April 2009 029Rick got us all pretty good!  During one tasting, which no one enjoyed and I proclaimed, “I’d rather drink a low-calorie, watered down Miller Light”, he had snuck in a leftover Rolling Rock!  This pretty much proves we’re all Beer Snobs!April 2009 033We did taste some great beer and had a phenomenal time relaxing at the new Kups’ house!  I’m sure this is just the first of many beer tastings and fun memories with our great friends.

April 2009 030

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