Sunday, April 26

Green Eggs and Ham!

We’ve had so many “events” lately that I’ve been buying groceries for special occasions and it’s been eating at our grocery budget, plus adding extra things to our fridge and pantry.  In and effort to clean things out, use what we have and keep our budget in check, I refused to buy any groceries for dinners this weekend.  (Other than the awesome sale on shrimp at Harris Teeter on Friday). 

Today was spent running (literally) and running errands!  After m run this morning, I set out to use my $10 Kohl’s gift card, check out TJ Maxx and Old Navy, get m hair cut and highlighted, and buy new food for Freddie.  I found the greatest deal at TJ Maxx…Cole Haan Nike Air’s.  I’ve been lusting over them for almost two years now, but could not come to make the $300 purchase.  But today…sitting alone on a shelf was a perfect pair of brown pumps in a 7.5 for only $50!!! 

After my shopping spree, errands and pampering, the task of dinner was upon me.  I always like to make our weekend dinners special since those are the only nights we have together, but I was pretty tired and needed something quick and easy.  We finally decided on breakfast…an omelet for me and scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuits for Ben!  Blog 407Ben was pretty jealous of my omelet made with leftover ham from Easter, garlic basil pesto and sharp cheddar cheese!  Ishared with them since it ended up being a ton of food.  His compliments of it “tasting so gourmet” were awesome.  I let him on my secret of quick dinners on the nights he worked. 

I think we’ll make it through the week with only a quick trip to the grocery store for milk, juice and yogurt…this week should make up for the past few!

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