Thursday, October 30

Slow Day...

It was a just a regular today...a good day nonetheless! Work was great and I rushed home to get my 3 mile run today out of the way before it was dark. I got back home just in time. And I decided to wait until Sat. to clean the entire house at once. I love having an entire clean house...even if it is only for a few hours. After a quick dinner I'm relaxing on our most comfy sofa watching funny Thursday night TV! And I'm incredibly happy tomorrow is not only Friday, but Halloween. Ben and I can't wait to pass out candy to our neighbor's kids in their cute costumes.

Today I'm grateful for:

~Funny TV: Specifically The Office. I love love love this show and it's always the highlight of my Thursdays.

~Fall Scents: I love my new Yankee Candle tarts for fall...such delicious scents.

~Ginger Ale: The last few weeks I've become addicted to this stuff. I have at least one every day. It's almost like I get a little mocktail at work some days...a sophisticated soft drink.

Happy Friday tomorrow!

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