Monday, October 27

Happy Birthday Laura!

Today is my little sister Laura's birthday! She's turning 8 and it's quite hard to believe she's not a baby anymore. It seems like we just brought her home from China last year. She started her birthday celebrations on Friday with a sleepover and seeing High School Musical 3. Tonight Ben and I are going over for Chinese...her favorite...cake and presents with our family.

Happy Birthday Presents!

Pretty new dress from us!

I'm feeling fantastic in today's outfit...a little chilly since I didn't realize my new shirt dress from Banana is only 3/4 length sleeves. I threw on a dressy jean bolero I bought over a year ago from Ann Taylor Loft and have barely worn. It's nice to finally get use out of something I bought on sale because it was a good deal. The outfit wasn't complete without tall black boots and my new long necklace and earrings.

The 3 things I'm grateful for today:

~Laura: I can't imagine our family without her. She's incredibly smart and has the funniest sense of humor that is way too mature for her age.

~Tall boots: On cooloer fall days they keep my legs warm and still let me wear skirts and dresses.

~Ben's home improvements: He called me at work to tell me he repaired the walls we messed up while moving furniture around. One thing I can cross off my to-do this for this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo!!! Happy Birthday to Laura!!! I love your sisters! (and your brothers too...they are all wonderful!)

Oh yeah...and can I borrow Ben??? :) Not only is he sweet...but super handy too!

I love the gratitute lists! It is fun to see what you put each day.
See you soon!