Tuesday, October 28

Plentiful Gratitude!!

Throughout the day I keep thinking of the things I'm grateful for...which proves a point that by keeping a journal you can become happier. I'm constantly thinking and making mental notes. But, then when I sit down to write my 3 things, I have too many...how to choose my top 3 for day is so hard! Who knew I'd be in this dilemma of too many things I'm grateful for!

After a week without any running, I came home, threw on warm clothes and set out immediately for a 3 mile run. It was a nice relaxing run dispite the chilly temps. Hard to believe just last weekend I was running in shorts and tank top.

Since today's run was so great, my grateful list will be mostly about running:

~My body: I can't believe God created such an amazing thing...I started running again one year ago and never thought I could train my body to so efficient and run 6.2 miles. My muscles, lungs and heart work together to get me through 3 miles so effortlessly...because of this I can truly say I love running.

~Under Armour: My new compression shirt I bought at the outlets this weekend wicked away the sweat and keep me toasty warm. Hopefully, I won't dread those long 4-10 mile runs this Jan. when I start training for the half marathon.

~Magazines: I love reading them before bed...my favorite, Cooking Light, just came yesterday. The plan for the rest of the night is to snuggle up on the couch with some ice cream and my magazine!

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