Monday, May 31

The 3rd Annual Girl’s Weekend

This year marked the 3rd year myself, my mom, Meg and her mom have gotten together for a Girl’s Weekend.  We have been taking turns hosting and this year we planned the weekend with my baby shower. 

Overall our goal of the weekend was to relax and do fun girly type things.  The first year we went to the beach and last year we went to Kathy’s house where my mom and I began our obsession with tea.  This year was no different.  We started the weekend off with a Chilean Wine Tasting at Southern Season - I even enjoyed a few sips.  Then, of course we had to shop at Southern Season and pick up some new tea and other foodie goodies.  I made reservations for us at 411 West on Franklin Street, which I think everyone enjoyed. 

Saturday morning we were lazy sipping tea and nibbling on fruit, muffins and scones for breakfast.  We packed a picnic lunch and headed to the Duke Gardens – which ended up being a perfect day and there were lots of people who had the same idea.IMG_4828IMG_4829IMG_4619 IMG_4833 IMG_4832IMG_4834IMG_4837IMG_4633 IMG_4848After a leisurely lunch and stroll through the gardens we did a little shopping in downtown Apex.  Apex has already grown so much since we moved to our house two years ago.  There are so many fun shops and restaurants downtown and of course one of our favorite tea rooms, The Pineapple Tea Room, where we had afternoon tea.

Ben was a gentleman and offered to make us dinner – some of his gourmet pizzas and salad.  Us girls relaxed with wine and gabbed while he endured many earfuls of girl talk that he probably wished he had not heard!  After dinner we headed back to my mom’s house for a girly movie and lots more relaxing.

Sunday was my baby shower and it was a slow morning getting ready and heading back to Apex at Hilary’s house, where she and her mom Pat hosted.  I had so much fun and got lots of nice things for Baby Tipp’s arrival.   After munching on all the delicious food at the shower we were barely hungry for dinner.  So we made a spread of munchies and had even more girl talk on the deck with wine.  Who knew girls could talk so much!!!IMG_4740IMG_4742I think that’s the best thing about our girl’s weekends – we just pick right back up where we left off.  I love this has become an annual thing and every year we reminisce about the first day our parents dropped us off at Virginia Tech and we all met.  It’s amazing how many things have changed since that day – we graduated, had weddings, and now baby showers – all in the past 11 years!  I’m already looking forward to the next many years celebrating our friendship even if I see Meg only once a year!

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