Monday, May 31

Babymoon: Savannah

The second part of our vacation was spent in Savannah.  My mom and Papaw headed north to the beach house and we headed south to the Savannah Waterfront and our hotel, The River Street Inn.  Our room was perfect and had a wonderful view of the river.  IMG_4645For dinner the first evening we ate at Moon River Brewing Company.  That specific evening Earth Hour was being celebrated, so we enjoyed dinner by candlelight!  The food was delicious and Ben loved the beer sampler.  For appetizer we devoured Fried Green Tomatoes – a southern favorite -  and I had chicken stuffed with crab and brie.  They also serve an amazing side dish  of brie mashed potatoes.  We ended up making it back to Moon River several times for a mid-day drink, especially since Savannah allows open containers in the historic district – possibly the highlight of Ben’s weekend.IMG_4758Prior to any trip I do tons of research on the best restaurants in the area and we plan our trip around eating.  I had read so many reviews about Goose Feathers for a favorite breakfast spot near City Market.  Our first morning we headed straight there for breakfast.  There were so many options and I almost could not decide, but settled on oatmeal with bananas and maple syrup.  Ben had the most amazing bread pudding.  Our only regret was we did not pick up a few whoopee pies while we were there.  We eventually came back for them on our last day, but Goose Feathers had already closed.  IMG_4653IMG_4654The rest of the day we spent getting acquainted with the city and took a trolley tour.  It was by far the best way to see Savannah and we were able to make a list of all the historic homes and sites we wanted to come back to.   Included in our tour we were able to get off and on the trolley all day.  IMG_4659IMG_4665IMG_4667IMG_4664IMG_4675After our tour we enjoyed lunch at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s, a  low key pizza by the slice place in City Market.  Unfortunately as soon as we were finishing our pizza outside the bottom fell out and it took us forever to finagle our way back to the hotel.  Once the rain cleared up we headed down the River Street for a little shopping and dinner at One Eyed Lizzy’s, which was a fun little Tex-Mex restaurant.  (I told you all we do on vacation is eat!)  It was a long day, so I was eager to get back to our room and relax early.IMG_4759IMG_4762Monday morning, after a fantastic night’s sleep, we started our day with fresh coffee in real coffee mugs in bed then headed downstairs to Huey’s Southern Cafe on the River front for breakfast.  Huey’s is a New Orleans's style restaurant famous for it’s brunch and beignets.  The brunch was amazing and it was probably the best breakfast I have ever eaten.  I got the Pontchartain Omelette, which had spinach, artichoke and swiss cheese stuffed in an omelette and a side of cheese grits.  Ben enjoyed the seafood omelette which was stuffed with shrimp and scallops.  And of course we both split an order of beignets – I was so sad they were out of their famous praline sauce – nevertheless they were amazing without the sauce.IMG_4692 IMG_4691IMG_4694Our plan for the day was to walk around the many squares and visit some of the historic homes, then head to Forsyth Park and St. John the Baptist Cathedral.  We definitely got our exercise walking around!IMG_4700IMG_4704IMG_4706IMG_4716IMG_4723IMG_4739IMG_4743      

For dinner we had made special reservations at the Olde Pink House which receives rave reviews.  We ended up waiting almost an hour for our reservation, but luckily our dinner was amazing so we didn’t mind.  We had been eating so much, so we skipped an appetizer although they looked amazing.  I ordered the Crispy Scored Flounder with an Apricot Shallot sauce, stone ground grits and collards.  I was quite shocked when they brought it to me and I had an entire fish to eat!  It was different than I expected, but very good.  Ben had an amazing piece of chicken with a berry reduction sauce.  Since we skipped an appetizer we shared their infamous dessert – The Praline basket – served with vanilla bean ice cream, mango sauce and berries.IMG_4756  IMG_4753imageTuesday morning we checked out of our hotel and immediately headed to get in line at Mrs. Wilke’s Dining Room, which is listed in the book 1,000 Things To Do Before You Die.  And believe us – her food is to die for and well worth the hour and a half wait!   It’s southern food at its best all served family style with 10 people at each table.  There were 22 things on the table and we stuffed ourselves silly before indulging in banana pudding for dessert.  Lunch nearly put us into a food coma before our 5 hour drive home!

We arrived home with so many food goodies and had a wonderful little vacation as just the two of us before we bring Baby Tipp into the world.  Although, we cannot wait to take Tipp on many trips in the future!IMG_4764

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