Thursday, May 8

New Blog...

You can't have too many blogs can you? This is an old blog I started over a two years. And even though I have a cooking blog, there have been so many things going on in our lives that I wanted to share...that aren't related to cooking!

A quick the first and last post...We're married, we bought a house, I changed jobs, Ben is graduating this summer, and we finished our first 10k! And hopefully Ben will be in a new position too very soon.

The 10k was awesome! Ben, my mom and my grandfather ran the Charleston Cooper River Bridge Run on April 5. Training didn't go as planned and I never finished. But I made my goal and ran the entire 6.2 miles. I could have finished faster, but I didn't want to be over-confident and was seeded with the walk/run group. With 40,000 people, it was a little crowded and I spent most of my time weaving in and out between people. It took us 14 minutes to even get to the start line. My gun time was 1:28 and my chip time was 1:14. Now I'm thinking about running a half marathon either in Nov. in the Outer Banks or in Feb in Myrtle Beach. It's only 13.1 miles!

Our running has taken the back burner the past few weeks as we are closing on our first home May 21! We couldn't be more excited to have our own home and start making it our own. It's basically move in ready, but with a few coats of paint, some new furniture, we'll be settled. While we didn't think we'd be house hunting so soon, it was a very easy process...not to jinx anything from now until closing!

I guess we've had quite a bit going on. Too much that I haven't had any time to cook lately. I've been reverting back to my old standbys for dinners....anything that's quick. But, hopefully with this "new" blog you'll be able to keep up with everything going on in Staffordville.

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