Thursday, April 13

First Post & Easter

Well, this is our first post. Ben wanted a website for us to keep everyone updated on what we're it is. Let's see only 163 days to go until the wedding. We're knocking some more wedding stuff out of the way tomorrow...picking out the tuxes, working on the invites more, and picking up some fabric.

Other than that our plans for the Easter weekend are relaxing and enjoying the nice weather! Sunday we're heading to Sanford for church and lunch with my family. Maybe if Ben is nice the Easter Bunny will stop by sometime! Oh! And we're dyeing Easter eggs...he's never done that.

Have a Happy Easter!


Ben said...

I have dyed easter eggs before lol, just havent done that since elementry school. Got the munchies big time!

Jenni said...

You got the munchies???? I bet you haven't eaten lunch either!