Tuesday, May 13

A little anxious!

Today, all of a sudden, I started feeling anxious. Realizing we're closing on our very first home in one week and packing up our entire townhouse this weekend is enough to worry about. Also, Ben is waiting to hear about a very promising job offer at Duke. The thought of us being able to enjoy dinner and go to bed together every night is beyond exciting to me. We've never known anything other than working opposite schedules, so this will be a huge change. Please keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for Ben. It's a great position that will not only offer him good opportunities, but will afford our budget great opportunites! I told him, if he gets the job, we'll splurge on the "man chair" he's been eyeing as a celebration/graduation gift.

Also, I think I've officially decided to run the
OBX Half Marathon in November! YIKES! I remember when I made the decision last fall to run the Charleston Cooper River Bridge Run 10k. But I did it and finished. It's the same feeling. I've already printed off Hal Higdon's Training Program. Once we are settled in the new house, training begins!

Speaking of running. My grandfather was featured in his local paper for running. I'm very proud of him and he's been my inspiration to keep running. The
article is very well written and portrays his character to a tee!

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Suz said...

Hey! Allison (vermont.bride) told me that ya'll live in townhouses off Leesville/pinecrest Rd. We lived there for a year before we bought our house too. We really enjoyed the location & didn't move far. Hope things are going great today!
Suz (aka ldybugsuzi)