Wednesday, October 13

Tipp Rolling Over

Sunday morning, Tipp rolled over for the first time and since then he has not stopped!  He is best at rolling from back to belly, then gets frustrated…he hates tummy time!  As soon as I help him roll to his back again-he rolls over to his tummy.  He is quite proud of himself and smiles immediately after his “trick” then gets fussy out of frustration.  Luckily he is forced to get more tummy time and in the past few days he has been able to push up on his elbows more.

Monday, he kept rolling over anytime I turned away even if just for a second!  But, I finally caught it on camera very early Tuesday morning.  I guess we will start trying to wean him from his Swaddle Me soon and take the bumpers out of the crib as he gets more and more mobile!

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