Wednesday, October 20

Happy 4 Months!


Oh My Goodness…I can’t believe you are 4 months old!  You are no longer a newborn and growing into such a big boy with a bright personality.  Although at times you are very unpredictable…when you decide you want something – you want it NOW!  That must be a Stafford trait!

It’s been a busy month with lots of milestones for you.  You have discovered your hands, started reaching for toys and you can roll over!  Mostly you enjoy rolling over from back to front, then get frustrated being on your belly.  Once on your belly you have gotten great at pushing up onto your elbows and holding your head up.  As soon as I can flip you back you have rolled back to your belly.  You have also started bearing weight on your legs and love “standing up.”


We had your 4 month appointment where you weighed 12 lbs and 4/5 oz…still at 10%, but gaining appropriately.  You are 25 inches tall and your head is 16 1/2 inches…both are in the 50% range.  We are learning you are going to be a lean baby!  In the past month breastfeeding has gotten a lot easier and you have become an efficient nurser, but becoming more distractible!  You also got 3 vaccines, which made for a sad and fussy evening.  You were so pitiful and we felt so sorry for how bad you felt. 

You spent your 4 month birthday weekend in Williamsburg shopping with me and Gommy.  You were such a trooper spending 10 hours shopping with the girls and everyone thought you were so cute.  I hope you enjoyed your weekend with the ladies since next year you will be having a boys weekend with Daddy – he missed you so much!


I am enjoying every second with you as the next few weeks are the last of me being at home.  Even when you wake up at 5am for the day, I look forward to bringing you to bed with me and dozing together while you nurse.  I also love playing with you and making you smile…I could stare at your smile all day as literally smile with your entire face.


We love you Baby T and look forward to what the next month brings to our lives!

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