Tuesday, June 23

The Forever 29 Birthday Party

One of my best friends, Tara,  turned 30 - only 3 days after my 28th birthday party.  I was a gracious friends and donated a “year” to her and we had a “Forever 29” party to celebrate!  Our day actually started with a Mommy lunch at California Pizza kitchen.  I finally got to meet Tara’s Mommy since she just moved down from New Jersey.  We spend the afternoon pre-spending our birthday money and finding new outfits for  our big night out.  Our night started at The Mint in downtown Raleigh, but no night would ever be complete without beer and how convenient that The Raleigh Times was literally around the corner.   Jenni's Birthday 2009 010 Jenni's Birthday 2009 015        

The Mint was absolutely amazing!  The decor is beautiful, the martinis were delish and the food was mouthwatering.  We all got the three course menu and it was just the right portion.  I had Truffled Mac & Cheese for an appetizer, Scallops with pearl pasta and tangerine butter, and the most decadent chocolate mousse for dessert!  We even got gifts from Susan – she is so sweet and it was so nice to finally meet her!Jenni's Birthday 2009 014Jenni's Birthday 2009 012Jenni's Birthday 2009 019Jenni's Birthday 2009 017Jenni's Birthday 2009 018 Jenni's Birthday 2009 031 Jenni's Birthday 2009 026

The evening was perfect at Raleigh Times where more friends met up with us for delicious brews.  It was a perfect silly summer evening and one of the best birthdays yet!Jenni's Birthday 2009 036

Jenni's Birthday 2009 042

Celebratory beer!

Jenni's Birthday 2009 053

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