Monday, December 22

Oh Happy Day!

Today was one fantastic day...and I'm pretty sure it's all because of my run. I haven't really felt myself for about 2 weeks now. I guess with no excercise, horrible eating and holiday stress it's expected. Today I took a vacation day and it was just what I needed. After suffering a headache for 4 days and spending all Sunday evening on the couch popping Excedrins and Advil, I was happy I had built in an Emergency-Finish-Everything-Up-Before-Christmas Day! (Many thanks to my awesome hubby, who made me a steaming hot bath, brought me water and excedrin and cold compresses all evening! I think I finally nipped this one in the bud!)

I normally like to run first thing in the morning, but it was 22 degrees at 8am this morning. So I snuggled in bed for an extra 30 minutes before bundling up to come downstairs and power on the laptop and do one thing for work. After I finished with a big cup of coffee, I cleaned the kitchen and began wrapping all the presents.

I still had a few last minute gifts, mostly stocking stuffers, to buy. So I around 1230pm, I headed out to Target and to get a haircut. One home we set out on our run. As soon as I found my running clothes and shoes my mood lifted! At 3pm, it was still chilly outside and my muscles knew it'd been a while since I used them, but overall it was a good run! My calves cramped up a lot after and I'll be sore tomorrow, but I finally feel good again!

Ben and I usually go to dinner one night before Christmas and we've been wanting to see Four Christmases, so we had a little date tonight. It wasn't much, but just perfect and what we wanted....Cobb Salads at TGI Fridays followed by a movie. The movie was great other than the irritating, immature middle schoolers sitting behind us who clearly weren't there to see a movie.

We're off to finish our evening watching The Polar Express and wrapping the last 2 gifts I bought today. Enjoy the last few days before Christmas!

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