Sunday, July 13

Vacation 2008 Countdown...

Only 6 days left to our vacation at the Outer Banks. I've had little time to think about what I'm looking forward to the most on vacation this year, but after the past few weeks of crazy work hours I'm mostly looking forward to the relaxation.

After spending all weekend finally unpacking the last few boxes, hanging up pictures and getting the house presentable for Ben's graduation party, we've started talking about what we're looking foward to the most.

~Cooking and eating some of the yummiest homemade food ever. We each have our day to cook breakfast, dinner and dessert and while most people hate cooking on vacation we love it. We finally get the time to spend in the kitchen, try out a new recipe or make a old favorite that we all anticipate.
Ben's menu:
Lemon yogurt, berry swirl with homemade granola parfaits or Breakfast Pizza
Maple Glazed Salmon, roasted veggies and horsradish-sour cream mashed potatoes
Lava Flows
Smore's Brownies

Jenni's menu:
Strawberry Pancake Rollups
Spiked Iced Cappuccinos
Lasagna, Caesar Salad and garlic bread
White Russian Tiramisu

~Catching up on our books to read list. We made a big trip to Border's the Friday and picked up several new summer reads. I'm almost halfway through Water for Elephants, but I hope to read:
Vanishing Acts-Jodi Picoult
Plain Truth-Jodi Picoult
Second Chance-Jane Green
Honeymoon-James Patterson
The Friday Night Knitting Club-Kate Jacobs

~Sleeping in a few days, but getting up before breakfast to run more than 3 miles. This is the beginning of my training for the half marathon, so I'm looking forward to my running not taking a back seat to the house, work and everything else.

~Lunch at Tortuga's Like, Outer Banks Brewing Company and The Weeping Radish.

~Night swimming in our private pool and soaking in the hot tub after dinner.

~Playing a round of golf with an amazing view.

~Sipping on mimosas for breakfast every morning.

~Playing many many rounds of Wii bowling.

~Peaceful crazy night sweating dreams about work!

~Spending more than just 15 minutes together each day.


Beth Anne said...

I loved Plain Truth!! I'm a big fan of Jodi Picoult at the moment :)

E & M said...

Your trip sounds amazing - wish we had something like this on the horizon! Is your family going too or just you and Ben?

emilee =)


Jenni said...

It's a family vacay...we go to the beach for a week every year and usually try out a new beach. There will be 8 of us, including my little sisters. I can't wait to finally get a chance to just play with them.

It's only vacation this year, so we're definitely making the most of it.