Friday, March 18

Long long long time ago....

Hello blog world this is Ben  aka Jenni's hubby. I am posting an update because after having Tipp in our lives time seems to fly by and I noticed that it has been too long since the last update. A lot has has happened since December! Our sweet boy has now started to crawl, wave, and today understand sign language and relay his needs this way! We did the sign language for "more" and he repeated it today! Super exciting to see our boy grow and develop, but a little bit sad to see him grow so fast. A stage in his life is about to be over and the next is coming up way to fast. This reminds me of my mom and how she  loves to hug my neck, and now I know why, because when she can via the help of stairs, it makes that moment feel like she is still holding that small little baby a long time ago. When I hold my son, I know one day I won't be able to hold him like this for ever and a hug around the neck might be the next best option. 

Our son like I said before is starting to crawl and it is fun and funny to watch. It is more of a "just got shot in the leg" using only my arms kind of crawl but hey he is going forward and that  makes us proud! Since Christmas time we have had the pleasure  or not of  Tipp's daycare sickness,  and doing this whole "parent" thing for the first time has put a toll on our saneness. Not knowing what to do exactly we resort to doctors, friends, family, and blogs to help our boy during his times of being sick. At times it feels like, we have been in the past 3 months in the doctor's office more than in our own bed!

Recently our boy turned 9 months old and it seems just like yesterday that we celebrated his half year mark, soon he will be a year old! At the beginning,  my thought process was oh I can't wait till he is old enough to play ball, golf, soccer, or help me brew beer! haha But know I notice myself craving and wanting him to stay small and hold him a little bit longer. I guess Jenni and I are learning just as much as Tipp is but for us it is how and what to do right for him, but for him it is what and how this world works! 

Besides Tipp activities, Jenni and Marianne ran the Raleigh St. Patrick's Day Run and they did very well! Tipp and I cheered them on!  I recently turned a year older = 31, but I find my son's upcoming bday way more important than mine! 

FYI he loves laugh and that might be the best part of our day! 


Above is me at on the left at 7 months and Tipp on the right at 8 months. 

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