Tuesday, November 30

Happy 5 Months!

Yes – this is a little late considering we are halfway to 6 months, but such is the life of a working mother!  I cannot believe Baby T is 5 months old.  He has cut his first tooth and another one is on the way!  IMG_6870

We are now getting much more structure to our lives and it’s quite possible that it is the result of me returning to work.  Going back was easier than the anticipation, but there have been a few days when I would just love to stay at home all day playing with Tipp!  Ben keeps Tipp Monday, Tuesday and Fridays.  On Wednesday and Thursdays he goes to Nana’s house.  They usually have fun playing, cooking, running errands or just hanging out with the girls after school.  I’d say we have settled into a nice little routine.

My first day off was Veteran’s Day and it was heavenly to spend the day with Tipp doing what we used to do.  We both snuggled in bed and slept in until 730am.  We spent the morning watching The Today Show and Kathi Lee & Hoda, then went shopping with Aunt Sara. 

We have adjusted to nursing and pumping while I am at work and so far that is going well.  I cannot believe my initial goal of 6 months is coming up! 

This month has been filled with visitors and weekends away.  We took Tipp to the Outer Banks for the first time while Ben and I ran the OBX Half Marathon.  We celebrated Halloween in Sanford at a big neighborhood party.  Tipp rode the hayride to trick or treat for a few houses, then decided he would much rather ride in the comfort of his own car seat.  We also survived daylight savings time – which is a curse to anyone with children!IMG_6758

Tipp is “talking” a lot more, reaches well for objects and can sit with assistance.  He also loves his Jumperoo and can finally reach the ground to bounce.

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