Tuesday, August 3

Tipp’s First Trip to the Beach

At just 3 1/2 weeks old. Tipp enjoyed his very first trip to the beach.  The thought of taking a newborn on a 3 hour drive was pretty daunting, but he was a champ and slept the entire way.  We only made one stop for a feeding and diaper change!

The first night at the beach Tipp slept 5 glorious hours…I felt like a new person after a decent nights sleep.  Saturday morning he was in such a good mood, so we set out on a shopping trip to the outlets.  Of course no trip to the outlets is complete without a stop in Carter’s.  I also did some shopping for myself since I only have 8 lbs to go until my pre-pregnancy weight.  I was getting tired of the lounge pants and camis I’ve been wearing since Tipp was born.IMG_5569Over the weekend Tipp also met his Great Uncle Robbie and Aunt Linda as well as his Aunt Christie, Uncle Daniel and cousins Payne and Oscar.   IMG_5616IMG_5619 IMG_5624Ben took him into the pool for his first swim, which he sort or enjoyed!  Sunday evening we took a walk to the beach for his first official trip to the beach complete with putting his tiny toes in the sand and surf.   IMG_5587IMG_5592IMG_5603

The weekend was a great break from home and we look forward to enjoying many more trips to the beach over the next few weeks, months and year as a little family.  IMG_5632IMG_5630IMG_5637

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