Tuesday, January 5

Christmas 2009

This holiday season we have truly been blessed with many celebrations with our friends and family.  We kicked off the Christmas season by picking out the perfect tree.  Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the NC mountains this year, but we went to the next best place for the freshest tree – the NC Farmer’s market.  Our tree is not quite as big and obnoxious as last years, but still over 8ft tall!  We spent all weekend decorating the house…we officially have enough Christmas decorations since I have to actually take down our regular decor in the living room.IMG_3942IMG_4018















December would not be complete with out my annual Cookie Swap…this makes the the 4th year and like I said last year, the cookies keep getting better and better!  There were white chocolate cranberry, ginger, sugar cutouts, lemon, peanut butter and jelly, chocolate dream, loaded oatmeal, brownie bites, toffee, almond and snickerdoodle cookies to choose from.IMG_3914    IMG_3928The next weekend I got all dolled up with friends for the Credit Suisse Holiday party at Solas.  While it was only for employees our hubby’s all went to dinner at the Flying Saucer and we met up with them later at Busy Bee Cafe.  The Solas bartenders made amazing non-alcoholic drinks for me all night.  DSC05219

The weekend before Christmas was a pretty big snow storm for western NC and Virginia, so we had a smaller than usual Family Christmas in Pittsboro.  We saw my mom’s family for lunch and missed my aunts, uncles and cousins.  For dinner, we headed to Greensboro where they had 4-5 inches of snow for the Hedrick Family Christmas. 

Our traditions continued this year with our Christmas Eve dinner at my dad’s.  Dad made Beef Wellington and we had brown rice casserole and asparagus-pea casserole before heading to Candlelight church service.  After church we opened gifts and enjoyed raspberry cheesecake and saw the little girl’s off to bed before Santa arrived.  We got so many great gifts: running stuff, Wii Sports Resorts, Scotch and gift cards for Ben.  Maternity clothes, pj’s, jewelry, and a pedicure for me.  And a new camera lens and bag for both of us.IMG_3953IMG_3972IMG_3974 

Christmas morning we woke up at home really early- Ben and I are like kids on Christmas morning -  to open our presents from each other.  I think we both loved our gifts to each other this year. Santa brought Ben a new Garmin Forerunner, clothes, books, and cologne.  Santa delivered new perfume, a robe, Philosophy body wash, Pandora gift card and an Ipod adapter for my car to me.  Freddie even enjoyed his stocking full of treats, new toys and a collar.IMG_3982IMG_3985IMG_4002 IMG_3996








After opening gifts from each other, we had our traditional Christmas morning brunch at my mom’s with Crème Brulee French Toast, Garlic Cheese grits, fruit, eggs, bacon and apple crisp.  Santa was also good to us all and everyone loved their gifts.  Ben finally got a gift card to get his build a mash tun for brewing beer and I got a Snoogle pillow, gift cards and a new purse.IMG_4003 IMG_4004

Following presents and brunch Ben found the perfect spot for a quick nap in the rainy weather before heading to his parent’s house for more Christmas festivities.  There we spent the afternoon snacking and playing a game of Dirty Santa.  Susan and George gave us the cutest swaddling blanket with embroidered bumblebees.  Little Peanut got quick the collection of gifts this year…I can’t imagine what next year will be like!

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