Saturday, March 21

The Worst Chore Ever!

I love a clean house, but I hate hate hate dusting! Maybe I’ve never found a product that works and the dust just gets scattered around. Or maybe I just wait too long in between dusting that there is too much!

Today I was determined to get the house spotless, so tomorrow we can relax and enjoy the clean house without the last few lingering chores hanging over our heads. I remembered I had bought these Pledge Dusters with the Multi Surface spray. They work pretty good…the spray seems to help trap the dust even more, so the duster picks up 90% of the dust. And because I’m pretty lazy when it comes to dusting and hate moving all the knick knacks, it fits into tight spaces so you don’t have to move them every time. These are definitely going into my cleaning supplies. Over the years of living on my own I’ve started to become partial to cleaning products as I find the ones that really work with the least amount of effort.image

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