Wednesday, January 7

Hello From Windows Live Writer

This is more like a test post than anything. Today I discovered Windows Live Writer and hopefully it will make it easier to post and add pictures. Which means more posts, recipes, pictures and fun updates from us.

If you have a blog, you definitely need to download this. It’s super easy and quick to set up, within 10 minutes of downloading the program I had set up a profile and it found my blog.

Other things I love so far:

  • No waiting for the Blogger, Wordpress, etc websites if they are slow. This is a desktop application and essentially uploads or publishes your blog post to your host website.
  • A much larger space for blogging rather than the small tiny window that blogger offers
  • The drag and drop feature for pictures. No more individually selecting and uploading pictures one by one…

Only two more days left in the week…after this week, I’ll be ready for a nice relaxing weekend. Hopefully we’ll have a few updates and pictures that are blog-worthy since my little sister, Lillie, is having her 6th Birthday Party on Sat. And we’ll be cheering on the Carolina Panthers in the NFL Playoff game Saturday night.

Enjoy the rest of the week and Windows Live Writer! I’m freezing with the winds whipping outside…some Sleepytime Tea sounds so perfect, plus it really does make me sleep better!

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